This is the hardest meal of the day for me. Prior to being diagnosed with Casein allergies and gluten intolerance, I pretty much had bread (muffin, toast, waffle) and dairy (butter, cheese, latte) every single day. And since I don’t like eggs and tend to shy away from meat, breakfast is a very difficult meal for me.

Here I’ll post all the Breakfast Ideas that I come up with, so maybe you can find something new.

Yummy GFCF Breakfast Smoothie

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Before adding “casein free” to my already existing gluten free diet, sometimes I would make smoothies for breakfast. But when the dairy yogurt for my morning smoothie disappeared I tried and tried to find a CF combination but failed.

Enter Ricera – an organic brown rice yogurt claims to be: “One-and-a-half servings of Whole Grain Rice per cup; Casein Free, Soy Free, Wheat and Gluten Free.”  A friend of mine had told me about rice yogurts, but since she’s a full blown dairy addict, she’d never tried any. So last week at Whole Foods I sought out as many non-dairy yogurts as I could. Soy, Rice and Coconut versions made it home with me (this is the first one I’ve tried).

I must admit that even before going casein free, I didn’t eat regular dairy yogurt right out of the container. Just not much of a fan of the texture. So I didn’t try this Ricera yogurt just with a spoon by itself – that would create an unfair predisposition to dislike the resultant smoothie since I just plain old don’t like to eat yogurt like that.

So I happily plopped my frozen banana, frozen pineapple, container of Blueberry Ricera and a shot of orange juice in the blender and blended away. The texture came out just right: thick and creamy, not too chunky or runny. The color was just slightly off putting: it somehow took on a brownish hue. But it had little flecks of “it’s okay, I’m blueberry!” blue in it, so our five-year old son was appeased enough to try it. And when we did: yum! It’s actually good!

There’s a slight chalky aftertaste somehow (very, very minor), but it’s not bad at all. We all drank the whole serving of our new breakfast smoothie – and in doing so got more than 20% of our daily calcium as well as some potassium and Vitamin D. Awesome!

So in case you’d like to try our new GFCF Breakfast Smoothie concoction, here’s a recipe:

1 Container Ricera Blueberry Yogurt I haven’t tried any other flavors yet, but I will and then I’ll report back…

1/2 banana, sliced & frozen (I buy bunches of organic when they go on sale – they just taste better – and slice them all, lay two bananas-worth of slices flat in freezer bags so I know that there are four fruit servings per bag)

1/2 cup frozen pineapple (about 6 chunks)

Splash of orange juice (I use Simple Orange plus Calcium – always looking for ways to get our daily calcium in!)

Throw it all in a blender and let the little ones have a blast pulsing and blending until it’s a smooth, drinkable texture.

Kinnikinnick Donuts

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Oh my oh my! Donuts!!!! And they’re really, really good!

I’ve eaten my share of poor tasting, cardboard texture fake, gluten-free baked goods since going GF and now CF. But the Kinnikinnick Cinnamon Sugar Donuts are fanTABulous!!! They’re frozen (to keep fresher longer), so I just heat one up (25 seconds in the micro) in the morning while our DS is eating his breakfast. (Usually I have to wait until he’s full from HIS breakfast or else he ends up taking “just one little taste.. please?!?!” until he’s eaten almost half of my precious GFCF fast breakfast.) While they’re pretty small (think of a kind of “mini” donut compared to “normal sized” donut, say, a Krispy Kreme), they’re very dense (not in a bad way tho!) and filling. Which is good, ’cause at almost a buck a pop, they’re pricey (but what GFCF prepared food isn’t).

I also like the Vanilla version, but they’re a little too sweet for my newly sensitive taste buds.