GFCF Dining: Pollo Tropical

*Pollo Tropical Tropichop*: The top is the Large which is NOT GFCF because of the Caesar Salad side. But the bottom is a Regular Tropichop (chicken, white rice and black beans) and is totally GFCF.

Fast food that’s GFCF?! Who knew it was possible? But it is at Pollo Tropical

Today I had lunch with my DH at our neigborhood Pollo Tropical and had a wonderful meal, yet again. This is my go-to place for fast, easy, always GFCF food. Pollo Tropical is actually a member of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), so they’re really aware of the considerations necessary to accommodate food sensitive people. The staff at the three Pollo Tropicals I frequent are always super nice and friendly. And every single employee I’ve ever interacted with has taken my food allergies very seriously and were extremely conscientious with the gluten. Since going GF on Dec 3rd, I’ve probably been here a dozen or more times and have NEVER had any reaction.

So, what do I eat here? I love the Tropichops! It’s a bowl of rice and beans with your choice of meat on top. I usually get the Chicken Tropichop with white rice (I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the yellow rice has gluten in it, but it’s not listed on the official Pollo Tropical Allergy List… but I always get white to be safe) and black beans. They have a Regular and a Large, but the large comes with a side Caesar salad, so I always get the Regular (and it’s more than enough to eat.. I usually take some home!). To spice it up a little, I put on a bunch of mild salsa from the salsa bar. And I usually get the combo meal (adds a side and a drink). For my side I always get the super delicious Plantains. They’re yummy, ripe & sweet and are somehow cooked to a beautiful caramelized texture (I don’t like bananas, but I LOVE these cooked plantains!).

Here’s a link to the Pollo Tropical Allergy List. Well, I hope this helps you find some easy, safe GFCF fast food. Enjoy!